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Program & Specialty Classes

Little Seedlings Bulleting Board

by Rosa

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Little Seedlings Team Members

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Buttercups Curriculum

By Funshine Express®

Buttercups is adaptable for children ages 6 months - 36 months, Buttercups® offers interactive fun and the activity kits develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as provide music, language, art, cognitive, social, and sensory experiences.

Fireflies Curriculum

By Funshine Express

Adaptable for children ages 3-5, Fireflies® is a high-quality, professionally-designed preschool curriculum that creates enthusiasm for learning and builds school readiness skills. The monthly preschool activity kits provide educators and parents with strategies for children with various developmental needs, experiences, and diverse culture. Activities and assessment materials are aligned with early learning standards

Infants & Toddler Movement C​lasses

The creative movement classes integrates music, rhythm, imagination and various props (scarves, egg shakers, etc.) to help develop gross motor skills, listening and following directions, spatial awareness, and turn taking, as well as helping them explore their creativity and natural inclination to move and dance. Heather uses music from various cultures, percussion, and we sing songs. Movement class helps with physical, mental, and social development, but it's also fun!

by Ms. Tina 

"Coyote Pups" Music for Preschoolers

The songs are meant to reflect many cultures and song styles. Many of these songs are timeless classics that we, and our grandparents may have sung as children. While some of these songs may not be in your child’s native language, I believe that early exposure to multiple languages and cultures has a powerful developmental effect on young children that will serve them for the rest of their lives. In addition to singing songs with the children, we will also take time to play some basic music games that help develop your child’s mind, motor coordination, and social skills.

Some of the areas of child development that these songs and exercises will help strengthen are –

Motor Skills Hand/Eye coordinationRhythm Pitch and melody Sequencing MemorizationListening and waiting turns

Following directions Concentration and focus.

"Coyote Pups" Music for Preschoolers

By Instructor Hank Wagner

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Our program provides infants with a safe environment rich with opportunities to actively explore and enjoy; to see, hear, feel, touch and move. Our specially trained infant staff establishes a nurturing, creative world for your children filled with responsive interactions and language.

We use a primary care giving model. Each child and their family are allocated a primary caregiver who works towards establishing a warm, secure relationship with the child and a partnership with the parents. The primary caregiver ensures each child's needs and routines are met, taking a key role in feeding, sleeping, changing, noticing, wondering and playing with each child. When the babies are awake and receptive, they will be carried, talked to and played with.

Parents' preference about feeding and sleeping schedules and the child's own patterns govern the course of the day. Our caregiver/child ratio of 1:2 is designed to allow individualized care. A daily communication log is given to parents at the end of the each day, which includes information about eating, sleeping and diapering and any anecdotal information about

your child's day.

Little Seedlings Infant Corner!!

By Clara, Lily, Leo, Arline 


Our program is designed to accommodate active, curious toddlers.

The hands on classroom environment allows each child to manipulate, explore and discover new materials.

The classrooms are set up into interest centers which include:

  • Fine motor play and manipulative's - including reaction toys, puzzles, and stacking objects, shape sorters
  • Imagination and quiet play -including kitchen sets, play food, dolls, dress up
  • Literacy-library with picture books, textured board books, touch and feel books
  • Creative arts & exploration tactile play materials, art materials, musical instruments

Our staff ratio of 1:4 allow each child's unique emotional, social, physical and intellectual development to be met. A daily communication log is given to parents at the end of each day which includes information about eating, sleeping and diapering and any anecdotal information about your child's day.

Little Seedlings Toddler Corner!!

By Little Seedlings Staff

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Our rich classroom environment is designed for each child to transition from the sensory-motor world of toddlers to an increasingly social world. Caregivers use their talent and expertise to design, adapt and invent learning centers that best serve the children in the room. Activities are open ended and emphasize process over product. The children will have the opportunity to move purposely, assert their independence and learn to communicate with their peers.The children will be taken on daily outings to the local parks and playgrounds for gross motor activities and sensory activities (weather permitting).

Learning centers include:

  • Dramatic play - Kitchen area, dress up clothes, dolls, puppets
  • Table toys/Manipulative's - pegs, table blocks, puzzles
  • Library - board books, story time
  • Blocks - Cars, people, animals
  • Art - crayons, washable markers, easel painting, stamps, collage material, play dough

Group activities allow children to practice social skills such as cooperation, sharing and taking turns.

Specialty classes: Creative movement, Music


The rich and stimulating classroom environment is a place where children are challenged to learn while making friends, developing self confidence, and self direction. Changes to the learning environment activities and projects reflect the children's emerging interests.

Learning centers include:

  • Dramatic play - dress up clothes,puppets, kitchen area
  • Blocks - block accessories, including cars, people and animals
  • Manipulatives - Legos,lacing,pegs,puzzles
  • Library - multicultural books, big books, story time
  • Science area- discovery materials
  • Art- crayons, markers, glue,stamps, clay,easel painting, collage materials
Specialty classes; Creative movement, Music, Ballet, & Monkey Sign (ASL)